Dave Diamond - Drums

Fate sometimes sends a person in unexpected directions. For a young Dave Diamond, the therapeutic exercise of drumming prescribed after a childhood arm injury set the stage for a lifetime of rhythmic music making. Dave’s arm healed quickly, but his musical soul had been set permanently afire. His passion for drumming matured into a degree in Performing Arts-Music, and he has been actively recording, touring, and writing songs over the thirty years since. The healing power of music has always been at the root of his efforts.

Dave’s career in music spans more than twenty years. A prolific singer/songwriter and session musician, Dave has recorded and performed as a solo artist and with his own band as well as with an array of other talented and acclaimed musicians. Diamond’s mature and finely crafted blend of rootsy Americana with a little funk and classic singer-songwriter rock resonates for both the casual listener and those who have a more discerning palette.

Although most people know his world-class playing with bands like Assembly of Dust, Donna Jean Godchaux and Zen Tricksters, Dave has been a long time friend and part-time member of Half Step for many years. It has been only recently that Dave has joined the band full time.